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High-End Cisco IP Phone Equipment for Less

Our commitment to quality means that we offer only the best refurbished and used
Cisco Internet Protocol Telephony Series equipment. Our VoIP Voice Mail Gateways
and 48 Port Voice over IP Analog Phone Gateways have been laboratory-tested to ensure
the highest standards for you and your corporation. Our refurbished, new, or used telephony
equipment can be purchased for a fraction of what competing internet telecom dealers list at.

Extensive Inventory of Cisco VoIP Technology Hardware

Whether you're seeking the Cisco IP Telephony Solution -- Cisco VoIP Voice Gateway, or
Cisco's 48 Port Voice over IP analog phone gateway, we can provide you with the hardware
you need to service your business need. If you need assistance in locating a hard-to-find
telephony product, or upgrading your existing hardware, our knowledgeable technical
representatives can help you find the optimal model for your needs.


Cisco IP Communications services and support reduce the cost, time, and complexity
associated with implementing a converged network. Cisco and its partners have designed
and deployed some of today's largest and most complex IP Communications networks-which
means that they understand how to integrate an IP Communications solution into your network.

Cisco design tools and best practices ensure the solution best fits your business needs
from the start, eliminating costly redesigns and downtime. Our proven methods ensure a sound implementation that will deliver the functions and features you expect-on time. Support
services include remote network operations, network management tools to administer the
converged application and network infrastructure, and technical support services.
Through these services, your organization benefits from the experience gained by Cisco
and its partners. Leveraging this valuable experience, you can create and maintain a resilient
converged network that will meet your business needs today and in the future.